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Nieuws 06 nov 2020

ESA nieuwsbrief - oktober 2020

De European Snacks Association (ESA) heeft haar maandelijkse nieuwsbrief gepubliceerd.

  • Check out our “Share a Snack, Share a Thought” series of interviews!
  • ESA Director General talks future trends and innovation in the savoury snacks sector
  • European Council conclusions on the proposed EU Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy
  • EU Chemicals strategy for sustainability
  • European Parliament votes against proposals for maximum levels (MLs) for acrylamide
  • European Parliament rejects regulation on titanium dioxide as an additive
  • EFSA consults on draft smoke flavourings guidance
  • Commission consults on Ochratoxin A
  • RASFF alerts on ethylene oxide in sesame seeds

Klik hier om hun nieuwsbrief te lezen.

Bron: ESA, 2 november 2020