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ISM 2022 gaat vooralsnog door

Dé internationale vakbeurs voor sweets and snacks, ISM, zal gezien de huidige stand van zaken in 2022 doorgaan en vindt plaats van 30 januari tot en met 2 februari 2022 in Keulen. Lees hieronder het bericht van de ISM-organisatie d.d. 24 november 2021. 

At the present point in time, in spite of the rising incidence rates, Koelnmesse does not plan to cancel ISM and ProSweets Cologne 2022 or any other event scheduled for the spring. The politicians have initially ruled out a renewed lockdown. The current prerequisite for the conduction of ISM 2022 is the implementation of a vaccinated, recovered, tested concept, which Koelnmesse foresees across the entire grounds for all events under the title "CH3CK". Under these conditions, the Corona Protective Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia allows the conduction of trade fairs regardless of how high the seven-day incidence rate is.

The current positive interim status of around 1,300 exhibitors and a space occupancy of around 80 percent shows that the industry is ready for ISM 2022. The leading global trade fair for sweets and snacks covers seven halls in total and with exhibitors from 65 countries, including also companies from North Africa, South America and Asia, it is demonstrating its accustomed high level of internationality. In total, 27 country pavilions from 22 countries and regions have already registered. The country participations with the highest number of exhibitors come from Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, France, the Netherlands, the USA and Poland.

Among others the following global market leaders have confirmed their participation: Baronie・(Belgium),・Cémoi・(France),・Chocolates・Valor・(Spain),・Cloetta・(the Netherlands),・Colombina・(Colombia),・Elvan・(Turkey),・Fazer・(Finland), Fini・Golosinas・(Spain),・Frankonia・(Germany),・ICAM・(Italy),・ION・(Greece),・Kambly・(Switzerland),・Katjes・(Germany),・Krüger・(Germany),・Lambertz・(Germany),・Loacker (Italy),・Manner・(Austria),・Millano・(Poland),・Natra・Midco・(Spain),・Nestlé・Italiana (Italy),・Ragolds・(Germany),・Riclan・(Brazil),・Roshen・(Ukraine),・Rübezahl・(Germany),・Sölen・(Turkey),・Toms・(Denmark),・Trolli・(Germany),・United・Confectioners・(Russia),・Vidal (Spain),・Wawel・(Poland)・as well as WAWI・(Germany).

The extensive hygiene and safety concept #B-SAFE4business ensures the safety across the fair grounds. The important measures include:

  • The wearing of a medical face mask
  • The observance of a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other participants is to be ensured. It is possible to disregard this for very short periods of time (e.g. when passing one another)
  • Furthermore, face masks do not have been worn at fixed seating and standing places during discussions or samplings at the exhibition stands or in the food service areas
  • The minimum distance requirement has also been lifted at fixed seating and standing areas and at lecture events. Normal seating is permitted

Furthermore, with its new layout, which among others foresees wider aisles of at least 5 metres, ISM is well-equipped to enable the minimum distances to be observed at all times.

ProSweets Cologne that is being held parallel is also recording a positive interim result with around 220 exhibitors. The trade fair is also well-aligned with regards to its level of internationality. Exhibitors have registered from over 20 countries in total including companies from Belgium, Chile, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Spain, the USA and further countries. The country participations boasting the highest numbers are from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands. 

Among others, the following companies are participating at ProSweets Cologne 2022 (in alphabetical order): Belgian Sweets Design, Cesarin, Coppenrath-Feingebäck, Creamer, Chocal Packaging Solutions, Dupont, Esbe Plastic, Focke Packaging Solutions, Fürst, Gerhard Schubert, GNT Group, Hänsel Processing, Hansella, IMA, Knobel Maschinenbau, Loesch Verpackungstechnik, Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann, Memak, Nefamak, NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik, Norevo, Prodinger Verpackung, Royal Duyvis Wiener, SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, Sollich, Sopp Industrie, Sysntegon Technology, Theegarten-Pactec, ULMA Packaging, Ulmer Schokoladen and VEMA Maschinenbau. Click here for the online exhibitor search.

We fully understand that you are keeping a critical eye on the current developments. Regardless of all the above measures, Koelnmesse will act with sound judgement and coordinate the entire trade fair happenings to enable the best possible trade fair experience. The cited framework conditions are laid down in our safety and hygiene concept #B-SAFE4business. You can additionally find further references in our Corona FAQ.

The experiences of the trade fairs held in the autumn, like Anuga or FSB/Aquanale, demonstrate that the exhibitors, who are present at the trade fair with an exhibition stand, successfully do business and they above all praised the high quality of the visitors. The hybrid participation is indeed important, but the physical exhibition stand is of the greatest significance. Companies that did not exhibit at the trade fairs mentioned, cleared the market for their fellow competitors and stated that they subsequently regretted having decided not to participate.

The figures of Anuga, which took place here in Cologne in October, speak for themselves. With over 70,000 visitors from 169 countries and more than 4,600 exhibitors from 98 nations, the leading global trade fair for food and beverages demonstrated that trade fairs of these dimensions can be successfully conducted again. For further information please see the press release.

We are very much looking forward to staging the imminent ISM in Cologne in this way and thus being able to offer the participants of the trade fair a valid basis for their preparations.