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Nieuws 09 feb 2023

Resultaten AIM enquête kosteninflatie

Bron: ESA, 1 februari 2023 : 

In 2022 heeft AIM (European Brands Association) een enquête gehouden onder hun leden, de thuiszorgorganisaties (A.I.S.E.) en FoodDrinkEurope; De ‘survey of Europe’s Consumer goods industry’. De resultaten van deze enquête tonen de uitdagingen waarmee ondernemers in 2022 zijn geconfronteerd. Onder andere dat 57% van de bedrijven hun assortiment hebben moeten verkleinen. Ook heeft AIM een factsheet gepubliceerd met uitleg over de prijsverschillen binnen de markt.

Outcome of industry survey on supply disruptions and cost inflation in consumer goods

A European Industry survey, launched in June 2022, was conducted across the membership of AIM (European Brands association), the organisations in homecare (A.I.S.E.), personal care (Cosmetics Europe) and FoodDrinkEurope.

The results of the survey demonstrate the challenges faced by business operators in 2022, on energy costs, transport/ logistics, packaging and commodities. It shows that 57% of companies have had to reduce their production for some of their products or that 35% of international retailers have increased the consumer price at a price level higher than the price negotiated with manufacturers.

In addition, as much focus is given to consumer price inflation,  AIM published a factsheet and a report, which explain how price are build up, and why differences of assortment and price occur within and across markets.